Why wait to leave a legacy? Live it now!

I’ve often pondered what mark I will leave on this world, when it’s all said and done. I believe we all leave an impact; some are delicate and go unnoticed by the majority of people, and there are some that capture the crowds and are household names. But let it be said that one is not better than the other, they are simply different.

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Just as we are, different and unique in our own ways. This is our special superpower – our ability to view the world from a differing perspective, which allows us to offer unique opinions, thought-provoking ideas and concepts. Have you ever thought about what impact you’re having on the world? How the world can be left in a better way then when you found it?

Do you ever wonder what legacy you will leave behind?

If you have tried to answer these questions before, chances are you found it difficult to focus on one exact idea or perhaps not even coming close to anything that resonates with you. If the big picture seems too overwhelming and out of reach, then let’s break it down into something that is manageable.

What feelings arise when you think about someone that has made an impact on your life?

We can first start to look at how others have made us feel, what impact they have left on us and how it has transformed our lives. So cast your mind back to a time when you had an exchange with someone that left a profound impact on you. It could be a one liner a stranger said at the train station, a quote you heard somewhere along the way that became your life motto, a kind act someone displayed during your time in need, a teacher taking the time to connect and explain things in such a way that you felt special and understood, whatever that experience was I’d like you to put yourself back into that moment.


Transport yourself back to that day and reminisce about everything, the time of day shown by the lighting you see, the sounds you hear around you, the smells and energy of the atmosphere. Close your eyes and really step back in time to that profound moment. Now connect with that person, notice everything they did or said in detail and then remember how you felt. Now let’s cut to today, ask yourself what was it about that impactful experience that has made you remember it until this day? How are you able to recall this memory?

what impact do you want to have?

“We don’t often remember what someone said or did, but we remember how it made us feel."

Once you establish why this left such a mark on you, I would like you to think about how you interact with the world, your surrounding community. Would you like to give people the same feeling that you’ve experienced from another? We don’t often remember what someone said or did, but we remember how it made us feel. How would you like others to feel from an encounter with you?

If an emotion comes to mind write it down, list as many that flow through you. Now think about how you could create this experience for the stranger you’ve not yet met, the friends that will come into your life down the track. What impact would you like to have on people that cross your path?

This is your legacy!

How your kindness and authenticity effects another will have a profound on their community circle, and so the butterfly effect continues. Your legacy and the impact you have on this world is in your control, and you will never know just what power your mere presence will have on someone else.

Every day is a new an opportunity to leave your mark on the world, start small and create an experience for those around you. You are already having more impact than you realize.

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