Why only making PLAN A will lead to your dream life

Updated: Jan 6

Aren’t we always hearing about “Plan B”?! That we should always have a back-up plan just in case our dreams don’t work out. Why is that?

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Why have we been accustomed to believing that we can’t have our dream life if it doesn’t align with what others see as a safe and reliable choice? We’re supposed to live by standards and guidelines that others have deemed acceptable. I understand that usually elders are giving this advice because that’s the world they grew up in and they don’t want us to fall on hard times. But, the world around us is changing – significantly since the start of COVID-19 in 2020.

I see more opportunities opening up due to the need to think outside the box and connect with each other in brilliant and genius ways all through the help of technology. A lot of people also have a different outlook now. They celebrate the little things in life, the things they used to take for granted. By taking a step back, even if a forced step back by way of restricted travel, you are able to see your life from a neutral standpoint. I see this as a blessing (please note I’m not referring to the devastation, hardships and loss of loved ones – I’m only talking about the mindset shift that is able to take place).

Plan A is filled with joy, passion, determination and motivation to make it happen no matter what.

We have been given the possibility of hitting the reset button on our lives. We can take back control of our lives that was sucked away through the grinding and hustle and bustle of the life that was before. What a great opportunity to reinvent yourself – the way YOU have always wanted. Without the outside noise having an effect on your decisions. We can create our Plan A. This is the dream plan, the vision you see when daydreaming.

The dream plan

There is no amount of setbacks that can happen that will make you turn to Plan B. Because there is no Plan B. The beauty of Plan A is that it’s your choice. With the ability to wake up every day and choose to live the life you’ve always dreamt of. The chance to do something each day that edges you closer to everything on that list. When you live in the Plan A mode there is no failure, only experience gained and lessons learnt. There are no knock downs that make you retreat as you know in your heart that this is the life you’re meant to lead.

For example, the life of a photographer. Most people think of it as a hobby, or only a select few that can make a ‘real’ living out of taking photos. But as we know success is subjective to the eye of the beholder. Everything is relevant and with that knowledge photographers are usually doing it first and foremost for the love of the art. The creative side of them that can be unleashed and provide others with joy and happiness. They can capture moments in history and detail our lives in very special ways. So if that photographer has a 9-to-5 job working in an office, unhappy and not content, and seems to be successful to society at large he might have a difficult time convincing his loved ones that what they see as his hobby is actually his passion and true calling. We need the support of loved ones.

But what if those loved ones can’t see our true desires, they don’t understand the skills we have and the knowing that we will succeed and make it happen because it’s our dream and the motivation that comes with that sort of passion is unwavering and unstoppable. Does the photographer listen to others that don’t understand? Or does the photographer listen to the inner voices and follow his dream? Most view Plan A as a wishful life. But I say – why does it have to be a wish and not reality?

Commit to your dream life

By committing to yourself and your Plan A you will find joy that most only read about. You will be living your dream life and others around you will reap the benefits of your joyful, content and infectious happiness. People that are living out their Plan A, usually light up a room when they enter, there is this tangible energy around them. It’s because they know there is no Plan B to fall back on, because when you don’t commit 100% to your Plan A then you are just waiting until you retreat to Plan B. Do you have a Plan A that you want to live by? Are you worthy of living the life you’ve always dreamt of?

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