When things get tough, breathe through it all

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

During periods of change and development we will encounter moments when our old habits and default modes come back. Understand that this is completely normal.

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As it has taken you years to create those old habits, it will take some time to override them with new and improved habits that best serve you now. However, when your old habits kick in you may feel overwhelmed and perhaps even failure as you have worked so hard to change these habits. It’s in these moments you need to breathe.

"Take 3 deep and conscious breaths."

You will notice the muscles in your body release tension, you will fill your lungs with oxygen and new energy, and you will calm your nervous system.

Our ingenious bodies

It has been scientifically proven that deep nasal breathing changes the pH of your blood and reduces your blood pressure immediately. There is no need to wait to feel the effects of deep breaths. Research has also shown that deep nasal breaths can improve your heart, immune system, digestion, and the brain. Your body has a built-in stress reliever and taking deep breaths will activate it. How ingenious of our bodies to have this stress reliver already to go at any moment we need calming.

"The power of intentional breathing goes well beyond the physiology aspect, it also alters our mental abilities."

The brain uses up 20% of our oxygen intake so the more oxygen we can bring into our bodies the better our brains will function. We can have clearer thought processes and focus. This will allow us to have better decision-making choices and have control over our own minds. Sometimes when we are in the thick of it, and we are in a high state of stress, it’s difficult to see the bigger picture. By taking a mental step back you are able to see solutions and different choices that were perhaps evading you before. This can offer you hope and a chance to make the right decision for you.

Deep nasal breathing can help you in any situation, whenever you feel like you don’t have a clear mind – breathe. If you start to incorporate conscious deep breathing into your daily life your investing in yourself. As when your mind is sharp and clarity is strong it will effect all aspects of your life. Not only will your body’s nervous system calm down but you are restoring the organ function and that in turn can provide an enhanced experience in your life. You deserve a life of clarity – breathe.