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What gives you energy highlights passions

How many people do you know that are searching for their passion in life? Maybe that person is you?

energy highlights passions life coach Adelaide

I know it was me for much of my life. I used to look at others that seem to have it all, they had direction and a sense of purpose. I felt lost and didn’t know what my passion was, well not in the traditional way I was taught. I was raised in a society that saw passion as a hobby, you couldn’t make a living from it, it was only something you did for fun in your free time. Only the people on the edge of stability tried to make a career out of their passions, like actors and artists.

Well at least that was what I was led to believe. Years later, I understand better now. I believe that passions are not only for your spare time, they are not for people who aren’t stable and they are most certainly not a luxury only the wealthy can afford to have. It is my belief that our passions are what ignites our hearts.

Our passions give us energy to live a life of love and laughter.

So when we are looking for our purpose, I like to first question what gives you energy? What gets your heart racing and your soul flying? What are you excited to do in the day? Once you have answered that question you can start to put together a picture of what specific elements give you that joy and spark the energy within you. Then you will have awareness of what gives you energy, what passion feels like and how to adapt it into your daily life. I like to think of our lives as just beautiful moments and experiences linked together.

Joyful moments

So, what if your life was filled with more joyful moments and they were connected by a shorter amount of time. Instead of 1 month between lovely experiences it was only 3 days? Now I’m not talking about big, grand gestures, no I’m referring to little or big moments that bring you joy and fill your heart with love and happiness. Imagine if that connection was only hours apart now, what would your life look like then?

Energy highlights passion

Would you be content and fulfilled? Let’s then apply this to your daily life, think about all the small things that give you energy through your normal day. Taking that first sip of fresh coffee, smelling that bakery as you walk pass, feeling the rush after a run or intense workout, a hug from a loved one, the happy barks from your pets when you arrive home, helping others, whatever it is that gives you energy highlights passion inside of you. Now I want you to imagine your life filled with more things that spark passion within you. How would your life look? Do you see it brighter and filled with joy and happiness?

"Can you feel a sense of purpose in each day to do more of the things that brings you energy?"

When our souls are on fire with love and passion our lives become better. You will find clarity in our days and this will open up a chain of events that will put you on the right path for your divine purpose.

Where we focus our attention, by consciously filling our days with small things that bring us energy and joy, we are setting each and every day up for success and a feeling of satisfaction. You’ll be able to go to sleep at night knowing you accomplished things that you wanted to and invested into yourself. You are deserving of passion and finding your purpose, start with highlighting what gives you energy and do more of that.

Love Jane xxx