What gets you excited?

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

When thinking about your life purpose what comes to mind? How do you figure out what service you have to offer the world? It first starts with you.

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When looking for answers we have been taught to always search outside of ourselves. To study with books in a library, to research online and see what other people are doing, to find out how others before us have done it. But never in the history of our education system were we taught to seek the answers to our questions within. I know what you might be thinking that books and research have a place in our life and that’s absolutely right, however when we are trying to discover our own purpose often looking to external resources can shift our inner compass.

We often look externally

We can get caught up with what is trending as helpful in society at the time. We can try to imitate others and their journey. We can view something as successful from our viewpoint but not knowing the struggles that have taken them to that destination. There are so many external variables that can affect our true life’s purpose. Where we live may dictate what choices are available to us, our unique history will play a part in how we see the world, our gender, our age and the list goes on.

But what is really at the foundation of finding your life’s purpose is the strength and gift that is uniquely yours. The beauty of how we all think differently is that we all have different opinions, different outlooks on life and this is our strength. Our ability to look through our unique lens at the world around us can offer others a new and eye-opening experience. All too often we surround ourselves with like minded people who agree with our fundamental values.

Tribal Instincts

This comes from our tribe instincts. Our need for a sense of community that brings a beautiful oneness between people. Communities are important for our survival and overall wellbeing. They have the capacity to provide us with longevity and happiness in our lives. The problem that comes from only interacting with people that are like minded is you limit your exposure to other ways of thinking. Our knowledge is only as good as the data we collect it from. How do you know that your beliefs are really true if you don’t have all aspects to make your decision from? Your eyes may be opened to a new way of thinking or the new data may cement your current belief. Either way an altering mind shift.

When we take the time to get to know ourselves we can start to notice what qualities are unique to us.

To discover our life’s purpose when we are unsure we can look at our strengths, write them down, along with the weaknesses (I don’t like this word as I don’t see them as weaknesses, I prefer the term ‘things I’m good at – just not great’). Ask others around you what they think your strengths are. This can be enlightening to see how others experience you. Next, think about all the things that give you happiness and joy.

What can I do?

Write a list of things that get you excited. It can be small things like a coffee on the terrace in the morning or running with your dog. Note it all down and give yourself time to do this activity. Once both lists are completed compare them side by side. Do you notice any similarities? Do some things stand out to you?

Your life’s purpose should get you excited, it should make you jump up out of bed every morning feeling grateful you have this gift in your life.

When something gets you excited it gives you a natural high, it energizes you and fills your heart with warmth. You know those people that are just glowing from the inside, they seem not only at peace with themselves but also bright and full of life all at the same time. Inner awareness and insight into what makes you unique can lead you to your purpose path. Discover things that get you excited, that fill you with joy - present this, along with the skills you excel in to the world. Embracing your uniqueness will benefit you – and us.

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