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Updated: Jan 6

They say that “money makes the world go round” but I wholeheartedly disagree. I believe that “love makes the world go round”.

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Everyone’s perspective of love and what that means to them is different, of course. However, everybody is seeking it in some form. That’s why the dating/love industry is such a big money maker. People want to experience love. But it goes back much further then this, we as soulful beings, need love from birth. We need only a few things to survive and thrive, food, warmth and LOVE. You’ve probably seen the same for animals too. Often aggressive rescue animals only need love and patience to turn into beautiful pets.

Love is fundamental to our earthly experience. All creatures need love, humans included. So on the premise that love is a need not a want, how do we lead with love if we have past traumas surrounding it? What if we are scared of the love ending, so we would rather not have it to begin with? What if our fear is stronger then the power of love?

The power of love surpasses all other emotions.

Can you think of a time when you experienced love from another. I’m not referring to the passionate, movie kind of love, I’m talking about the daily acts of love you can see around you. A person waits as they hold the door open for you, the car behind you letting you change lanes and merge into the traffic, someone picking up your coins that you just dropped on the floor, a smile from a stranger you pass in the street. These small acts of love and kindness are swirling around us at all times. We have just been too busy to notice them. The energy that you put out into the world returns to you with interest. Of course, the intention is not to give love just so you receive it, but more that you are leading with your heart and gaining a sense of satisfaction that you’d made someone else’s day a little brighter. The joy you feel when you perform a kind act to another without expecting anything is so rewarding.

Ignite your heart

How do you ignite your heart so that it’s about to burst full of love? So your love can be sprinkled around your community and create a beautiful space and time for yourself and others. You start with 3 deep breaths. On the inhales you visual and feel the oxygen filling your heart with red loving energy. On the exhales you release your stress and tension, feeling the heaviness leave your body. If you need a few more breaths to get yourself to a state that you feel your heart is full and bountiful then take them. Now surround yourself with this love in your heart, picture yourself in a pink cloud of love. And just enjoy that sensation!

“Listen to your inner guidance and feel the love you have inside of yourself.”

Your love is unlimited

You may now continue your day and remind yourself that you are full of love as it is never-ending and you can replenish it anytime you need – your love is unlimited! In your interaction with others that cross your path carry yourself by leading with your heart. Remember your heart and love is safe, as it is yours to give. Your love can not be taken from others, it can only be given by yourself.

When you start to lead with love in your life you will begin to notice a shift in your experience within this life. You will start to pick up on other’s loving energy that they are offering into the world. You will witness beautiful acts of kindness and in turn it will remind you that your heart is full and ready to spread as you like. Leading with love will transform your experience in this world – you will also experience more love that is given your way.

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