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Have faith it will all work out

Life can be difficult and tumultuous at times. It can push you to a point of breaking. It can also be surprising and wonderful.

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Every bend in the path has an undefined and unknown wonder waiting for us. During the good times, life is easy and carefree. It can be uplifting and inspiring. You can be propelled to your goals in leaps and bounds. But then there are the not so good times. These are the moments that challenge us, that push us to places we didn’t even know we could go. It’s during these times that our true character and values are put to the test.

Do you rise to the occasion and find the strength within to overcome obstacles? Or do you suffer and question your abilities? If you find have ever felt the latter, please know that each and every one of us has, or will in our lifetime. So, how do we find our strength and use our capabilities in times that stretch us to our limits?

Find faith within yourself, that you will survive and thrive.

We can prepare during the good times, with the knowledge that nothing is permanent. Knowing that the good times will be interrupted by a challenge to take us to the next stage and chapter of our evolution. Of course, we should all relish within the good moments and appreciated them by being present. However, it is a lot easy to make a plan when things are going well, then trying to create something while in the midst of despair. With that, take stock of what abilities come naturally to you and the benefits they can give you.

For example, if you are a social butterfly and build rapport really well, then you could list the benefit of that during a challenging moment that you have the ability to reach out and connect with others that can help you find a resolution or that have been in a similar predicament to your situation. By having a list of all your capabilities and experience you will be able to turn to this and remind yourself when you feel all hope is lost. Think of it as a letter to your future self. You are writing to yourself to help in future times of struggle.

Befriend lists

I am an advocate of lists. I have them for everything; including daily lists of things accomplished. Yes, I do not have a list of things to do – I reserve engineer it. I write down all the things that I will accomplish, as this slight change of wording can alter your mind to a positive association than something you “have to do”. For me, having a list of things to do makes me feel bad when I can’t complete them all, it puts pressure on me in a negative way and does not empower me, and I just don’t enjoy all the things on the list if I feel I must do them. By thinking of them as accomplishments it reminds me that I am the creator of my lists (and life) and I can put things on it as I desire, not that I must do.

Give yourself credit

It feels satisfying and uplifting when I tick things off and say to myself, I just accomplished that.

I digress, when you pre-plan and have a strategy to help guide you in the right direction, during moments when perhaps your conscious mind is overwhelmed and your logical thinking is not clear, it allows you to remember what skills you have. You can use these resources to assist you in finding solutions. Also, by having a page that is laid out in front of you in black and white, detailing all your strengths and past experiences, it highlights exactly why you are amazing and why you are able to get through anything.

Now, when writing the list if you feel there are skills and abilities you’d like to enhance, to feel that you are able to get through anything, then you are transforming simply by being aware. You are capable, please have faith that it will all work out, because you have everything you need within you.

Love Jane xxx