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From procrastination to emotional elevation

Ever feel like there is too much on your plate? Are you too overwhelmed to even start? Are there specific tasks you procrastinate because you don’t enjoy them?

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If any of this sounds familiar, you are not alone! Studies have found that 72% of small business owners feel overwhelmed. It makes sense though, so much to do and so little time. You feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities and pressure that comes with having your own business. But do you know the root cause of why you procrastinate?

Being overwhelmed by definition means feeling submerged in your thoughts and emotions about your problems and how much you have on your plate, to the point where you start to lack efficacy and this brings on procrastination. You just hit pause on all of it because it all seems too much!

The good news? There are ways you can elevate your emotions, reframe how you view your business tasks, shift your perspective on self-efficacy, and take back control of your feelings.

Remember: Every action starts with a thought

“When you are taken care of your business is taken care of.”

So, let’s start with bringing awareness to the reason why you are feeling overwhelmed. I work from the notion that every action comes from a positive intention. With that in mind, what positive intention do you think is making you procrastinate? In most cases I’ve found it’s to take a break, to catch your breath and recharge. It’s true as female entrepreneurs we can sometimes skip the self-care we know is required, because we get so busy in our business. But when you are feeling so overwhelmed – stop and pause everything.

Allowing yourself space to recharge is essential when you are the boss. When you are taken care of your business is taken care of. A great way to prevent the burn out is to prioritize and schedule in your self-care time first, before you start putting your “need to do” tasks in your calendar. We will also find time for the things we “need to”. Honor your calendar and yourself by ensuring you take the time you need so you can show up recharged.

Your emotions have power

Thoughts produce emotions, emotions attach to tasks, situations, and challenges - if we have a negative emotion attached to our business tasks the chances are we will put them off and procrastinate. And why wouldn’t we? I wouldn’t want to start a task that made me feel bad about myself. This is where the magic of empowering your emotions can reframe how you view your business tasks.

Let’s say for example, when you thought about recording a video to post on social media you immediately had a feeling of fear, nervousness, thinking about what others would say. Take a look at how you are able to reserve engineer this situation using the power of your emotions.

Think about how you want to feel when you look at your business tasks, even all of your life areas. Then what can you do to create this emotion? Is your self-efficacy low and building it up would reframe the feelings of inadequacy? Would seeing how others are doing this task help you feel confident? Would getting support and encouraging words from your inner circle make you feel better? Brainstorm ways to achieve this feeling so that you attach your new wanted feeling to this task. Now when you think about doing this task you feel empowered, happy, and confident and this will help you want to do the task instead of procrastinating.

Enhance your self-efficacy

“And if you have a lack of belief in your abilities, you’re more liking to avoid certain tasks.”

I’m sure you’re familiar with self-confidence, self-awareness, self-talk, but do you know the role in which your self-efficacy plays a part in achieving your business goals? Self-efficacy is a person’s belief in their ability to succeed in a particular situation.

Researchers have demonstrated that self-efficacy can have an impact on everything from mindset to motivation and behavior. Self-efficacy also establishes what goals we choose to pursue, how we actually accomplish those goals, and how we reflect on our own performance. And if you have a lack of belief in your abilities, you’re more liking to avoid certain tasks. This can have a direct impact on your business’s bottom line.

Here are 5 ways to start developing your self-efficacy:

1. Let go of the outcome

2. Incorporate more time for the things you like doing

3. Try new things and step out of your comfort zone

4. Find the positives in failures and feedback

5. Set tangible goals in non-fail proof sizes

Take back control of your emotions

If you didn’t have a surge of emotions when you thought about a specific task would you feel less overwhelmed? Probably, yes! Awareness is key when you’d like to take the wheel of your emotions. Especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed it’s easy to believe your inner critic and negative self-talk. But when you take the steps to prevent the burnout that leads to feeling overwhelmed you set yourself up for success. You are able to break the procrastination pattern with tools and NLP techniques.

Bringing awareness to how you feel about your specific business tasks can have a direct impact on how you execute them, or why you don’t’ even start them. And when you are able to shift your perspective and reframe how you view your abilities, you’ll be able to increase your self-efficacy and in turn increase your business productivity and profit with positivity and confidence. Discovering why you have an adversity towards certain tasks is the key to understanding how to challenge it and find evidence to support your capabilities.

You are capable of amazing things! Let's chat to see how your journey would look to breaking the procrastination pattern and elevate your emotions to prevent feeling overwhelmed.

Love Jane xxx