Find success in failure

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

We will all experience failure in our lifetimes. Knowing this fact should bring a reassurance that failure is not for the weak or limited to only a certain type of person.

Find success in failure  NLP Frankfurt
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It’s a collective that connects us. The difference we can find is how each person perceives this failure presented to them. I personally like to view failure as a gift. It highlights areas of improvement and tests my drive and passion for the work at hand. How do you view failure? Do you embrace it for what it is? Do you retreat and lick your wounds? There is a plethora of ways to interpret and process failure. There is no wrong or right way when dealing with the aftermath of disappointment. There is however a path that can shift your mindset, if you so desire, to find the success within the failure itself.

Having awareness of your own emotions when faced with failure can revealed your default mode. Making note of this will be helpful when wanting to change your response to it. This is your current starting point and by knowing where you’re starting from, you can begin to bridge the gap to where you want to go.


So, what would be your ideal reaction when failure is presented in your life?

What would be the dream outcome? Once you can identify your goal, your subconscious will be able to mentally see a path to get there. We don’t give our subconscious mind enough credit when it comes to finding solutions and resolving problems. But when you are conscious that you want to change a default reaction, your subconscious mind will get to work for you. It works from behind the scenes, plotting and simmering on this new notion. You may also want to look at your current resources. By resources I’m referring to your current set of skills, talents, experiences and things you can call on to help you accomplish something. If you feel you are lacking a resource or would like to improve and upgrade your current bag of tools then by having the awareness you will start to notice all that surrounds you.

What are the lessons?

There are lessons to be learnt all around you. Perhaps not directly happening to you, however something you witness or hear about. Our surroundings are constantly affecting our thoughts and mindset. Surround yourself with people that mentor and inspire you. That help relate to your business and work structures, to your development and evolution. Having a community enables you to get the support you need. So, how do you find success in failure. You view it as an opportunity to learn, to grow and develop new skills. You can shift your default mindset from sorrow in setbacks to success in failure. You have just found another opportunity to the holes in your plan, to the skills you need in order to reach that next step in your journey.

Failure gives you a chance

It’s never about how you get knocked down, it’s always how you come back that shows your strength and determination for your goals.

Failure gives you a chance to truly see how you come back. It’s never about how you get knocked down, it’s always how you come back that shows your strength and determination for your goals. When you believe in your goal you will protect its honor. You will advocate for it because you can see its potential, even if other people can’t at this point. Failure can reveal the level of passion you have for the work, and guide you to changing the route or tweaking the plan if you need to. Remember no success is ever made without the failures that preceded it.