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Become formidable by honouring your feminine flow

Have you ever felt annoyed when your feminine cycle hasn’t been in sync with your business plans? That you don’t have energy when you’re about to go LIVE or you have a writing deadline, but you just don’t feel the most creative to even start?

You are not alone, and this isn’t your fault!

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Unfortunately, we are currently living in a masculine imbalanced society that has everything based around a rhythm coined “the hormonal symphony of men”. The hormonal cycle for a man is more or less the same every day, a contrast to our feminine rhythm. Think about the corporate industries and governments alike, they are saturated in masculine energy, not leaving room for anything else. It’s no wonder you feel pressure, guilt, frustration.

While masculine energy and the traits that come with it aren’t “bad”, it becomes detrimental when our feminine energy isn’t honoured and is out of balance. So, what does that mean for our feminine flow? It means we haven’t been taught to honour and nourish our 4 hormonal cycles each month. This is why we get frustrated, annoyed, and feel out of balanced because we are trying to make our cycles fit into our schedules instead of the other way around.

“Both masculine and feminine energies need to be honoured equally for prime equilibrium.”

It makes sense as masculine energy is all about working, structure, logic, stability, discipline, whereas our feminine energy highlights creativity, intuition, flow, vulnerability, and nurturing. Both masculine and feminine energies need to be honoured equally for prime equilibrium. Since we currently in a masculine dominant society, I think we’ve got that part understood.

So, let’s focus on how to honour our feminine flow to become a formidable force in business.

Honour Your Menstrual Cycle

I know it’s a taboo subject in society, but it doesn’t have to be. We have 4 hormonal cycles each month. They all serve a purpose and when I started embracing them and using them to my advantage not only did my business explode but I felt truly aligned for the first time in my life. There is power when we create our schedule around our cycles. There are times perfect for socialising and reach out to new people with renewed energy. When we are ovulating, this is a great phase to launch a new project and get creativity. We have a cycle designed for self-reflection, focusing on wellbeing, and rethinking our business vision. And yes, when we are bleeding, we are to rest, go inwards, let go of all that no longer serves us, just as we are shedding our inner selves, we are to establish new systems that will serve us better.

Get Creative

Feminine energy is about creativity, think about it we have the ability to create life itself. How cool is that? Tapping into your creative side will help your creative juices flow not just in your business but in your whole life. Think about what you enjoy doing; painting, singing, writing, photography, playing an instrument. Stepping back from your entrepreneurial empire every week to let go and just create allows you to space away from your business, this is usually when our best ideas come. Also start noticing when you are at your most creativity during the day and align with that. I myself am the most creative for writing content first thing in the morning, after that it’s just a struggle. For motivational speaking and coaching calls, I’m better in the afternoons with outward excitement. Start scheduling time each week for something that brings you joy and allows you to express yourself.

“Self-care doesn’t just mean resting, of course that is a huge part of it but it’s also about taking time for the small joys in life.”

Schedule Self-Care

A main part of honouring your feminine flow is knowing when to slow down. I know how exciting it can be when we love our business, but I see far too often female entrepreneurs burning out. I’m all about that self-care life! And a great way to prevent burnouts is to schedule your self-care time in your calendar before your “must do” tasks. We always find time for the things we “need” to do, so by committing to your schedule you will have a successful business without the burnout. This includes rest days when you are bleeding. Use this time to reflect on what you want to let go of. Self-care doesn’t just mean resting, of course that is a huge part of it but it’s also about taking time for the small joys in life. A massage, a walk-in nature, watching your favourite series, whatever it looks like for you schedule time for 1 small joy a day.

Prioritize Pleasure

I want to break limiting beliefs that pleasure isn’t allowed for women. For centuries man’s pleasure has been placed above a woman’s need for passion and igniting that fire inside of her. We are sensual beings that crave divine pleasure. If reading this, you already have resistance then this is especially for you. You are entitled to passion, pleasure, power in your body and bedroom. When we prioritize sensual time, and it doesn’t have to be about sex, we open our hearts and wombs to embrace love. Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. Self-pleasure, whatever that looks like for you, coconut oil massages, candlelit baths, powerful exploration with a partner, comfortable silk pyjamas, make a conscious effort to include more pleasure in your life. These sensual juices will flow, not just in your life but it will overflow into your business bringing energy, fire, passion.

When our masculine and feminine energies are balanced, we perform at a higher frequency. We command presence and align ourselves as authentic and confident women. There are many reasons why we have self-limiting beliefs around honouring our feminine flow, thinking that it’s a luxury and not as a necessity.

But by breaking free from these outdated beliefs and reframing our mindsets we position ourselves in alignment. We become formidable females that rise when the energy calls and rest when we are resetting.

Love Jane xxx