Authenticity reflects your spirit

Some struggle in this social media world with how to be original. The pressures to copy and imitate others who are deemed “cool, iconic, relevant” is at a peak in these digital times and being authentic can be difficult. When the world is flooded with content, how do you know what is truly your own and what is something that you’ve just picked up?

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You start by turning inwards. Ask yourself “What do I believe? What do I stand for? What actions align with my values?” Once you’ve asked these questions and taken the time to answer them you will start to understand yourself better.

True transformation happens when you know yourself

Invest time and energy getting to know the real you. Not a version of yourself that you’ve created for the sake of others. Not a replica of another that you think meets the standards you need to live up to. Who are you at your core? There are a variety of reasons why people are scared and afraid to get to know themselves. Perhaps they might not like what they discover, maybe their past might resurface, or they see a side to themselves that they were hiding from.

In any case, putting your head in the sand and pretending these qualities don’t exist won’t make them heal, evolve, or transform. It’s true that it takes hard work, dedication, and commitment to yourself in order to change. But think of the rewards you will reap even if you change – a little bit. Micro-steps will help you, take baby steps. Every step in the direction to align with your true authentic self is a step in the right direction. Remember this isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon for life.

Strength in vulnerability

As when you own your OWN story you take back your power.

I wholeheartedly think there is strength in vulnerability – this is something that shouldn’t be seen as a weakness or less than. I believe the strongest people in the world are those that own their story, the good parts and the traumatic parts. As when you own your OWN story you take back your power. You are the narrator of your life, don’t leave it up to others to tell it for you. As when you leave it to others to tell your story, it’s their interpretation that is conveyed – not your truth.

Feel the shift

To become your authentic self, you must first forgive yourself. For everything you have done in the past, forgive others who have done wrong by you, forgive yourself for things you didn’t know, as you were doing the best you could with what you had. When you forgive – you release a sphere of energy you’ve been holding onto for all these years. A shift will happen, mentally and physically. The weight of that resentment, hurt, pain will start to loosen within you.

a true and divine connection

Over time you will feel the power of forgiveness – it will trickle throughout your life. You will feel your body lighter, filled with brighter colours, you will feel the flow and energy, not something stagnant with dark colours that was brewing inside of you, you just weren’t aware of. We all hold onto things we aren’t mindful of. Past experiences that had a bigger impact on us then we would like to admit. Being honest with yourself opens a true and divine connection between your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. Whatever you are holding within will reflect out into the world.

"Do you notice patterns in your interactions with others?"

How we experience life is a direct link to the connection we have within our spirit. When you clear and forgive past traumas you can hold your head high and feel a playfulness start to come through. When you heal your pain, forgive yourself and others, spend quality time with yourself and discover who you really are and what you value – only then will your authentic self shine bright.

The energy you will put out into the world will be palpable for all to feel and see. You spirit will fly high and your authenticity will reflect the real you. You are beautiful, unique, and genuine and I can’t wait to meet and experience the authentic being you are.