5 ways to be at your best more of the time

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Do you know what being at your best looks like? We all have different standards and values and so my best may be vastly different to your best.

5 ways to be at your best more of the time life coach Auckland
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So, let’s discover what being at your best entails.

1. Ensure your top 5 values align with your daily actions

I’ve mentioned before in a previous blog post about discovering your values in life and how to understand what your values are really and what was imprinted on you as a child. Once you have your true values list, I want you to ask yourself if you are doing something every day that aligns with the top 5 values. As when we are living up to our own principles the world around us, no matter how chaotic and crazy it may seem, won’t be able to shake our core when we are leading our lives with intent and purpose.

If you are doing something daily to align with your top values then the sense of accomplishment will filter through all aspects of your life. If you are not doing something every day to honor these values then perhaps you need to reassess if they are that important to you and if they are then start including more activities that brings your life into alignment. And if they aren’t that important then update your values list. It will evolve over time as you grow as a person.

The more you succeed, the more you have to celebrate.

2. Celebrate the small wins

It seems so simple, yet most people steamroll over the small wins. Always onto the next goal. What if your life was made up of all the little wins? A reason to celebrate with an ice-cream date, or coffee and cake with your friends, a lovely dinner with loved ones or a small purchase you’ve been using as your motivation. However you like to celebrate, please do it! I like to think of my life as moments linked together through little celebrations. The more you succeed, the more you have to celebrate. You deserve to stop and take in the moments of success – in real time.

3. Do something every day that brings you closer to your goals

When you picture your dream life do you become overwhelmed with everything you’d have to achieve to get there? If, like most people, you do feel this way then the trick is to break it down into more manageable size goals. Say for example you’d like to write a book, but the whole process seems daunting, where do you start? I say from the end goal and work backwards. Once you know where you are heading it’s easier to bridge that gap from where you currently are to where you want to get to. You can figure out the steps you need to reach that accomplishment in the reverse order.

Then once you have outlined the process you can break it down even further to what you need to do each month (write 2 chapters), then each week (write 14 pages), and finally each day (write 2 pages). Before you know it, you will have finished the first draft of your book. When you have established a daily goal that feels achievable and satisfying, you will be more likely to commit to it. By committing to yourself each and every day you will build up your self-worth. Which leads to determination and motivation, that you are getting closer each and every day to your goal.

The secret to making others happy, is to first make yourself happy.

4. Fill your days with joy

What is a life without joy?! A life I definitely wouldn’t want to live. Think of a person you know that is always happy, perhaps even too happy for your liking. Don’t they just exude joy and sunshine. There is a peacefulness about their very being and it can fill up a room. Joy is contagious. Wouldn’t you like to be the person that brings joy to other simply by being yourself? The secret to making others happy, is to first make yourself happy. It is solely our own responsibility to make ourselves happy, it is not the job of our partners or loved ones. We must first discover the things that give us joy. When you have your joy list then carve out a piece of your day to include at least 2 small things that bring you joy. It will transform your life!

5. Discover what gives you energy

Once you have small joyous moments filling your daily life you’ll begin to notice your energy levels elevate. The way to discover what gives you energy is really what fills your heart and soul with joy and happiness. It could be a passion or hobby that puts the smile on your face. If you remember when your favourite song comes on, how does your body react? It wants to move and dance – no matter how tired you were minutes before. Through your joy brings you energy, and your energy will gain momentum allowing you to be at your best more of the time.

The smallest changes can make the biggest impact! If you only incorporate 2 or 3 of these concepts into your life, I'm certain your life will be fulfilled and energized. We are the creator of our own lives, design your life, don't just live it!