Hi you! I left my career climbing the corporate ladder, travelled to 40+ countries in 6 years, and went through a complete transformation that gave me the confidence to not only design my dream life but to action it into existence.

I’m going to share with you all the wisdom, knowledge, and truths I discovered on my journey so you too can remember who the F*%K YOU ARE!


Once you're in my little world you will break-free from your fears, have unwavering trust with your intuition, open your mind to new possibilities, you will be pure in your beliefs, unapologetic about your worth, and meet your higher self! Unleashing your confidence will subsequently have an rippling, cosmic effect through your biz, relationships, life and soul.


You want to scale your biz, you want to speak from your heart, you want to have the impact you always knew you were destined to have, you want to roll around in your success all the while raising up others to do the same

- you are that unapologetic visionary.

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I'm originally from Australia and grew up in the idyllic Sydney landscape. I had it all! Everything that society deems as success. The house, the car, the successful career climbing my way up the corporate ladder, managing multimillion dollar projects, and implementing my special brand of boldness in the boardroom.


I was decked out in heels and suits dealing with CEOs and Directors on an international platform, until I reached a life altering moment. I was lost, burnt out and didn't understand my purpose. Oh not to mention I went temporarily blind from stress. Things needed to drastically change!


On the outside I was living the successful life, driven by status and societal standards. However, the inside story was hugely different, I was deeply unsatisfied and decided to throw it all out the window - literally I sold everything I owned - and started from scratch! I wasn’t living my dream life back then, but through trusting my intuition it all changed.

I started remembering who the F*%k I was, a rebellious child who danced to the beat of her own drum, who laughed in the face of rules and who never doubted her intuition!

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I've cramped a lot of sh*t into my life so far, from mediating in South-East Asia, riding a donkey through The Valley of the Kings in Egypt, skydiving over Vancouver Island in Canada, walking 865km from the south of France to the end of Spain on the El Camino De Santiago in 34 days, scuba diving off the coast of Italy, surfing in Nicaragua, hiking a volcano in Guatemala, motorcycle riding through the Canary Islands, settled down in Spain on the Mediterranean Sea, to  tattooing 8 memories to mark my adventures in Costa Rica, Thailand, The Netherlands, Canada, Las Vegas, Australia, Ireland, and Hawaii. Immersing myself in 40+ countries and their cultures allowed me to strip back everything I was taught and believed in, the social un-conditioning was REAL. I was on a mission to find my authentic confident self.


Throughout it all I had unwavering belief that I'd overcome my self-limiting beliefs and start the business of my dreams - coaching others how to not only manifest their dreams but to say F*%K YES to their higher self. I was determined to test out my own methods so that I could inspire others to know they are worthy & capable to reach their dreams too. Having the attitude to trust your intuition no matter others opinions, to go all in on yourself is truly living life! If you're sitting there asking yourself, how is this all possible - we're talking about DEEP, intimate, connection to your intuitive self. I genuinely believe that when you act with a F*%K YES Attitude you are opening the portal to your higher self. That type of confidence is what takes you to that next level of success.

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So I'm supposed to tell you about my childhood traumas, how I never fit in growing up, that I was bullied in high school, that I was always searching for a place to call home, that I searched to feel like I belonged. And while all that is absolutely true and has shaped who I've become, I don't let that define me! No, what I've done with it is wayyyyyy cooler! All of this has been a process of elimination for me, it's highlighted all the things that I don't want in my life, that I never want to exclude another, the importance of feeling safe, surrounding myself with people who lift me up, honouring my intuition, placing my self-worth, self-love & self-trust at the top of the list, I want to push the boundaries of a "normal" life, I want to create a generational legacy that empowers everyone to say F*%K YES to their higher self!

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My own transformation guided me to become a certified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, specialising in confidence enhancement. I use my own story, experiences within the corporate industry, my entrepreneurial background, my life journey thus far and a F*%K YES attitude to guide entrepreneurs to unleash their confidence, trust their intuition, scale their business their own unique way, break rules, create from innovation, and be an unapologetic visionary.

Since 2012, I have been studying how fear impacts our lives, how our pasts shape us, how to take intuitively action, the effects of societal standards, breaking free from self-limiting beliefs and the impact of values and altering mindsets. Combined with the techniques of (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming  and through the power of reframing your mindset learn how to say F*%K YES to your higher self.

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Florence Instagram Posts (Inspirational) (3).png
Florence Instagram Stories (Educational) (2).png
Florence Instagram Stories (Inspirational) (5).png
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