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Shifting your mindset is the beginning of everything, as every action starts with a thought. Confidence comes from within you. You'll learn how your current thinking strategies aren't serving you, then with the help of neuroscience I'll guide you into your unconscious mind where we'll shine a light on all you want to elevate. Once we bring your unconscious mind into consciousness true transformation will take place. Magic anyone?! When you become aware of your mental strategies you can change them and become the unapologetic visionary you vibe in every fiber of your beautiful body!

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What's Included (I Hear You Asking)...

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Around here we don't do things by the rules! Actually I've been told before that this is more like a mastermind program, that there's "too much value", and it's a little bit of everything all rolled into one. But that's just like me, a little bit of everything bundled up together!


Firstly, you get a 1:1 session with moi to start out, it's here we'll get deep into what you want to get out the next 6 months together. Here's why it's unique, because I TRUST YOU to intuitively know whats coming up for you in that moment. I let you guide the focus and in-turn I intuitively coach you into breakthroughs, shifts, transformations. Oh did I mention each intimate POD is max 3 people so you'll always have plenty of time with me. That's right each person has the same amount of time and the calls never finish early.....YES we keep going until the clock runs out! ANNNNDDD to top it all off, you get my unlimited support, guidance, encouragement between session through Whatsapp. That's right, you get my direct line friend! Like literally you have me in your black studded clutch, whenever you need baby! So do you believe me now when I say it's a unique membership?

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  • 6 Month Membership

    Pay in FULL
    Valid for 6 months
    • Awaken Your Inner Confidence Membership
  • SAVE $$$

    12 Month Membership

    Pay in FULL & receive 2 months free
    Valid for 12 months
    • Awaken Your Inner Confidence Membership
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Are there any themes or modules?

What makes this membership unique is that there is no curriculum, it is intuitively led by YOU. We work through whatever is coming up for you at that moment. However, I do notice there is a common thread that happens with my private 1:1 clients relating to being overwhelmed, procrastination, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, self-confidence, fear of visibility and more. I believe there will be collective themes and for this reason I'll be inviting guest experts bi-monthly to teach on that specific subject.

I haven't started my biz yet but I need clarity is this membership still for me?

Absolutely! This was created for women towards the start of their entrepreneurial journey who are seeking guidance and clarity also as the perfect complement for the business strategy programs you're already in. In this membership you get the mindset tweaks and clarity you need then get you on your way to confidently action your biz strategies in alignment. 

Is there any other support between sessions?

Your coaching experience doesn't finish when the sessions do, you get UNLIMITED Whatsapp group chat support where we all celebrate your small successes and you get my direct line to ask me all your burning questions between sessions for continual growth and support. Sometimes all we need is some reflection reminders to remember how far we've really come. 

Is there any way I can see your coaching in action before I sign up?

Sure is, you can catch a live Hot Seat Coaching in action featured in my Prevent Procrastination Masterclass. You'll learn more about NLP and the Positive Intention Theory that guides my work. You'll actually walk away with an NLP technique I use with my private 1:1 clients. But the best way to experience it first hand is to book an authentic and genuine conversation with me here.

Is there any other obligation apart from the first 6 months?

No obligations but you'll get out of it what you put into it. It's a minimum 6 month membership then after that you can stay as long as you want or until you're ready to take that NEXT level coaching. From past clients within a few weeks of 1:1 coaching with me they have left their 9-5 and stepped completely into their own business, featured on the front page of their local newspaper, signed multiple clients within a month. I'm invested in your success and will meet you at the level you give.

I have a little hesitation as I don't know much about neuroscience and mindset work?

So, a little about NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming was built on the notion that - “Anyone can do anything”. I wholeheartedly believe this to be true! NLP also assumes that behind every action there is a positive intention. As an NLP Master Practitioner I teach specific mental strategies and behaviours to help my clients succeed by getting “unstuck” in patterns or beliefs that no longer serve them. Using NLP techniques we’ll explore the positive intention behind the actions/behaviours and uncover the root cause, from there you’re able to create new positive and healthy actions that align with your values. This allows you to break free from what’s holding you back and move forward in your biz with abundance, awareness, confidence and intentionality. Habits and unproductive patterns are operating from your unconscious mind. NLP brings the unconscious into the conscious, this is where the magic happens to make new empowering and productive choices.