You don't know where to start.

You feel out of alignment.

Is your procrastination holding you back?


I bet you've watched all the videos, read all the articles and listened to all the podcasts on how to become more productive. But there still feels like there is something deeper holding you back. 

You know if you could just find clarity to start, honour your natural energy flow or

 break free from this self-sabotaging pattern could get to the next level of your business.


That will be amazing, right?! You can have an aligned schedule that works for you and your feminine flow. Include CEO days in your weekly calendar. Take the time you need to recharge before burning out. Book that dream vacation while your business keeps making money.

And become the boss of your own time = freedom. 

You are motivated and you're ready to take action now! 


1:1 INTENSIVE. is a compact offer to focus solely on your procrastination that is holding you back in your business (or getting started). Together within 90 mins, you will:

 › get to the root cause of what's holding you back

 › gain clarity in your direction

 › break-free from your self-sabotage pattern

align your business schedule

› dive into your business goals

 › create your next 3 months business plan

 › develop and create new positive habits


1:1 INTENSIVE. Mindset

Every action starts from a thought.

Because when you shift your mindset and perspective literally everything is possible. Like get those dream clients. Like start your own business (if you haven't already left your 9-5). Like control your agenda. Like make the money you deserve. Like book that vacation you've been dreaming of. Like show up as the authentic and ambitious woman you are. Like change not only your business but your whole dang life!

1:1 INTENSIVE. Strategy


Without intentional structure you have chaos.

Of course you understand the need for structure, but does it feel aligned? Understanding why you are procrastinating is only the start. Next we bring this new awareness into your business plan and create a schedule that aligns with both your creativity feminine energy and logical masculine energy. The key to this strategy is to develop a schedule that work for you, empowers you and your abilities. Imagine having a pretty pink (insert color of choice) toolbelt on your hip full of neuroscience techniques, practical models, and effective mindset hacks that we will implement into your life and business. Your successful and fearless mindset is the key to your business desires.

1:1 INTENSIVE. Support

You could do it on your own, but why not do it faster with support?!

Now imagine you have your biggest cheerleader rooting for you on the sideline. That not only guides you through an NLP technique to quickly get to the root cause but also supports your feminine energy as you need. A certified NLP Master Practitioner and Mindset Coach that guides you through your inner mindset and brings practical business knowledge (with 10 years corporate world experience) so you can unleash your inner confidence. The support and accountability that you never knew you needed but will never want to be without.

- 2 Weeks High-Touch Support

- 90mins 1:1 Coaching Call with Jane (value €500)

- Customized Monthly Action Plans (value €350)

- 30mins Follow-Up Coaching Call with Jane (value €250)

- Full week Monday - Friday Unlimited Email Support (value €300)

- Pre-session 1:1 INTENSIVE. workbook (value €100)

What's The process?

Step 1.

Get Clear.

We shine light onto your fears, doubts and self-sabotage patterns that are causing procrastination to acknowledge and bring awareness to them. We uncover the root cause and see how it is impacting your business and life today and what potential opportunities are being missed because of it. We gain clarity on your direction. Getting clear on your self-limiting belief is the key to action.

Step 2.

Reframe Your Mindset.

Now we know the root cause of your procrastination we can get to work with breaking the pattern. We challenge your self-limiting belief and use an NLP Technique to reframe your mindset. With this new confident and abundant mindset you are able to create a positive and productive truth that will transform your business and life. 

Step 3.

Design Your Aligned Schedule.

Now you have a confident mindset, we get into the strategic and practical aspect of implementation. We get specific with what tangible actions you'll need to do daily to reach your business goals. We honor your feminine flow and align your monthly schedule to empower your feminine and masculine energies. Walk away with maintenance tools so you can update your mindset as you make more money, get your dream clients, scale to the next level in your business and show up as the confident and fearless female entrepreneur you are.

By the end of our 2 weeks together, you will have a confident mindset to get more clients with ease, to start your own business (if you're still in your 9-5), you will have an aligned schedule that works for you, that honors your feminine and masculine energies and uses them to your advantage.


You'll walk away with new positive habits that will elevate your business without wanting to procrastinate!


The 1:1 INTENSIVE. is for you if...⁣

You want clarity in what direction you'd like to take your business.

You are ambitious and ready to get the results you know are possible.

You have all the business strategies but your procrastination is holding you back.


You want to enjoy your entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

You know exactly what to do but aren't seeing growth in your business.

You're tired of putting off tasks you know will move the needle in your business.

You are ready to do the inner work to make the money you deserve.

"Jane has been just wonderful to work with. She has been really good to pin point where I was getting stuck and where I wasn't quite stretching myself far enough, where I was able to really step into my business in a way that I wanted to. Jane was also very intuitive in how she would just ask questions and how she showed up and helped me create a more positive, as well as more abundant mindset.  Jane is a wonderful coach and she is really insightful and I love her feminine energy and the wisdom she brings from that."

Kim, The Netherlands

Meet other women who enhanced
their confidence, businesses & lives 




- 2 Weeks High-Touch Support

- 90mins 1:1 Coaching Call with Jane 

- Customized Monthly Action Plans 

- 30mins Follow-Up Coaching Call with Jane 

- 2 weeks Monday - Friday Unlimited Email Support

- Pre-session 1:1 INTENSIVE. workbook 

Total Value 1,500

Your Investment 585

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Total Investment 450


When you join this offer you receive my undivided support and specialist skills in NLP, Mindset Coaching and business scheduling.⁣

The 1:1 INTENSIVE. is the perfect program to quickly get to the root cause of your procrastination and gain clarity. It mixes inner work, energy alignment and business strategies that sets you up for success and that's why my clients have amazing results.⁣

Right now you might not know how 1:1 INTENSTIVE. will transform your business and life, and that's fine.

But don't let your fear stop you from deciding to take this next step.

2 weeks from now, you'll be so happy you did!