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You were made with the ambition and dream for so much more than a life controlled by fear!



I bet you've been watching other female entrepreneurs crushing it online within their business and life. You've probably wondered how they were able to overcome their fear and get published in Forbes Magazine, live in their penthouse and take multiple vacations a year. 


That will be amazing, right?! You can pay off your debt. Lay on the beach in between your business calls. Buy that luxury retreat you've had on your vision board. Or become the boss of your own time. 


You know to get there it takes work, and you're ready! You also know that inner mindset work can be challenging but you're so driven to get the results in your business you're ready for them. 

Your future is by design and you are the designer, girl.

You don't just want to succeed.

You want to smash it out of the park.

You don't just want average clients.

You want to attract dream clients that are knocking down your virtual door.

You don't just want to hustle all the time.

You want to be intentional with your plan so you have freedom of your time.

You don't just want to make big $$ figures.

You want to do it on your own terms.

And honestly you want to enjoy your entrepreneur journey with clarity and intention, free from fear!



Fearless Female.


Fearless Female. is my signature 3 month High-Touch program for you, the female entrepreneur, who can no longer keep putting off upscaling your business because of fear. Together within a few sessions, you will:

 › get to the root cause of what's holding you back

 reframe your beliefs

 find your WHY and get clarity

 › learn strategies so you can overcome your imposter syndrome 

 › break-free from your self-sabotage patterns

› stop overthinking and start implementing

dive into your unconscious goals

 develop and create new long-term habits

Fearless Female. Mindset

Every action starts from a thought.

Fearless Female. is going to transform your world. Because when you shift your mindset and perspective literally everything is possible. Like get those dream clients. Like control your agenda. Like make the money you deserve. Like book that vacation you've been dreaming of. Like show up as the authentic and ambitious woman you are. Like change not only your business but your whole dang life!

Fearless Female. Strategy

Without intentional structure you have chaos.

Of course you have structure within your business that's why you've gotten this far, but has it been intentional every step of the way? Creating your mindset to get the results you want starts with awareness and intentionality. When you have mindset awareness you can alter your actions and change your behaviors. Imagine having a pretty pink (insert color of choice) toolbelt on your hip full of neuroscience techniques, practical models, and effective mindset hacks that we will implement into your life and business. Your successful and fearless mindset is the key to your business desires.

Fearless Female. Support

You could do it on your own, but why not do it faster with support?!

Now imagine you have your biggest cheerleader rooting for you on the sideline. That not only guides you through NLP techniques to quickly get to the root cause but also supports your feminine energy as you need. A certified NLP Master Practitioner and Mindset Coach that brings you on a journey of self-discovery so you can unleash your inner confidence. The support and accountability that you never knew you needed but will never want to be without.

What's included

- 3 months of High-Touch Support

- 12 Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls with Jane (value €3,000)

- Customized Weekly Action Plans/Homework/Exercises (value €1,200)

- Monday - Friday Unlimited Email Support (value €2,000)

- Lifetime Access to Fearless FemaleTraining Resources (value €1,000)

- Access To Flexible Payment Plan (priceless)

What's The process?

Step 1.

Find Your WHY & Get Clarity.

We take your external goals and discover what's the real inner motivation behind your business, why it's important to you and what lights up your soul. We get specific with what you will be able to do once you achieve this goal. The objective here is to find your fundamental WHY because without your deep sense of purpose your North Star won't be able to guide you and you will not be committed to this journey.

Step 2.

Identify Your Self-Limiting Beliefs.

We shine light onto your fears, doubts and inner negative voice to acknowledge and bring awareness to them. We reveal the stories you are telling yourself about you, others and the world. We dive deep into where these stories came from, what past experiences created them, how they are impacting your life today and what potential opportunities are being missed because of them. Unlocking your self-limiting beliefs is the key to action.

Step 3.

Reframe Your Mindset.

Now we know the root cause of your self-limiting beliefs we can get to work with breaking the patterns. We take a look at your life experiences and use NLP Techniques to reframe your mindset and find evidence as to why your self-limiting beliefs are not true. We challenge your inner stories and position you into creating positive and productive truths that will transform your business and life.

Step 4.

Redefine Yourself.

This is where the magic happens! We take all the awareness you've uncovered and we rewrite the script to your life. You envision who you want to be, what your life looks like, what's your daily routine and habits, who you surround yourself with, what characteristics you embody, how you serve others, and how you show up in your business and life. We redefine the stories you tell yourself about you, others and your life.

Step 5.

Develop Positive Habits.

Now we have a crystal clear knowing of where you want to go and who you want to be, we get into the strategic and practical aspect of implementing this new mindset and get specific with what tangible actions you'll need to do daily to reach your business goals. We include maintenance tools so you can update your mindset as you make more money, get your dream clients, scale to the next level in your business and show up as the confident and fearless female entrepreneur you are.




The Fearless Female. is not your average program...⁣

When you join the program you become one of the most supported boss babes online, ready to upscale your wealth and keep you accountable every step of the way.⁣

By the end of our 12 weeks together, you will have the mindset to get more clients with ease, to build your dream business long term and finally stop stressing over money, leave that 9-5 job (if you still have it), travel, buy that retreat on your vision board, or support your family as you've always wanted all while changing lives and having a playful positive time while doing it.⁣

The Fearless Female. is the perfect mix of inner work, mindset tools and customized support and that's why my clients have amazing results.⁣

They did it, so can you!

"Jane is an excellent coach. She has been instrumental in helping me overcome the things that were blocking me from creating my dream life. She is always so friendly and positive and seems to just understand exactly what you need. Her knowledge of NLP also sets her apart from others, highly recommended!"  Lucy, United Kingdom

"Working with Jane has been amazing. She brings her listening and empathy, she asks questions that lead magically and exactly to where I want to be. I could explore, clarify and accomplish personal and professional goals, as well as set new challenging ones: overcoming limiting beliefs, marketing strategies, personal developments, implementing new habits. On a personal level, Jane brings her curiosity, humility and multicultural skills to each coaching session, turning it into a spontaneous conversation. I learned so much about myself. Thank you Jane!"    Lamia, Morocco

"Jane has been just wonderful to work with. She has been really good to pin point where I was getting stuck and where I wasn't quite stretching myself far enough, where I was able to really step into my business in a way that I wanted to. Jane was also very intuitive in how she would just ask questions and how she showed up and helped me create a more positive, as well as more abundant mindset. She pointed out that I didn't need to have a whole bunch of client calls but that I needed to have the 'right' calls and by having that perspective shift, it allowed me to open up my time and feel less pressure through my weeks. Which then generated even more calls with amazing clients. Jane is a wonderful coach and she is really insightful and I love her feminine energy and the wisdom she brings from that."          Kim, The Netherlands

Want to be my next SUCCESS story?




- 3 months of High-Touch Support

- 12 Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls with Jane (value €3,000)

- Customized Weekly Action Plans/Homework/Exercises (value €1,200)

- Monday - Friday Unlimited Email Support (value €2,000)

- Lifetime Access to Fearless FemaleTraining Resources (value €1,000)

- Access To Flexible Payment Plan (priceless)

BONUS 1 Month Unlimited Email Support = 4 Months

  • Includes 4 Months Unlimited Email Support

    2,700 euros
  • Flexible 3 Months €990 Payment Plan

When I sold everything in Australia and left with only a backpack, I didn't know where I would go but I took that leap of faith anyway.

When I quit my 9-5 job to start my own business, I didn't know when my success would come but I knew in my heart I would succeed.

When I met my now husband on a dating app, I didn't know he was going to be the love of my life but I chose to meet him anyway.

Right now you might not know how Fearless Female. will transform your business and life, and that's fine.

But don't let your fear stop you from choosing to take this next step.

3 months from now, you'll be so happy you did!