you've nurtured your business which is why you're already fully booked out & sought after

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HSP Mindset Coach Jane Christine

YOU WANT TO CHOOSE YOUR MINDSET regardless of what’s going on around you and honour your highly sensitive nature.

Welcome to the exclusive 1:1 coaching program where you'll learn how to match your mindset and HSP superpowers with the incredible growth you’re experiencing in your business. You’ve elevated your business and now it’s time to elevate your mindset to match and grow even further. Together we will regulate your emotions and rewrite the inner stories that are currently holding you back from reaching your highest potential. This journey is just as unique as you are, because I understand your Highly Sensitive gifts and why you easily become overwhelmed and burnout with what's currently on your plate. You're not just going to transform your business you're going to redesign your whole dang life! Strutting fearlessly down the street…


HSPs reach the point of overstimulated quicker than others & this overloads your nervous system


it's time to start nurturing yourself so you can manage your mindset and emotions


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You've spent sooooooo long dreaming about this day, being fully booked out, reaching and exceeding your income goals, signing soul aligned clients month after month. By most people's standards of being an entrepreneur - YOU'VE MADE IT! You've hit those elusive $5k, $10k, $20k months. You know what you're doing in your business, and you're damn good at it... BUT you don't feel the freedom you thought you would by now. You feel over consumed by your emotions most days, like as if they are running the show...

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This Was Made For You To...


Break your people pleasing patterns and unapologetically set boundaries


Expand your mindset to choose how you want to feel as you honour your HSP superpowers


Take back control of your emotions that are currently running the show

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Jane Christine HSP Coach

Rediscover your worth and finally stop undercharging your value - set the price you deserve to pay off your debt & work less hours


Get to the root cause of your limiting beliefs and rewrite your inner stories to take aligned action and scale on your own terms

HSP Mindset Coach Jane Christine

Let go of your perfectionism and confidently delegate to your team


Overcome your hustle mentality and recondition yourself to energize with play

Establish energy boundaries so you are no longer drained by things that don't light you up - it's got to be a HELL YES!

Truly understand why you are overwhelmed so you recharge before burning out, without the guilt

Embrace your energy indicators and intentionally enjoy all the new opportunities your elevated awareness brings

Learn mental strategies and neuroscience techniques that complement and enhance your Highly Sensitive nature so you reach your highest potential

Sure, you did all the hard work and followed all the strategies but at what cost? You're burnout with all the responsibility currently on your plate. Your feelings are getting in the way as you're experiencing overwhelming growth. You've reach your goal of being fully booked out but your old beliefs are making you doubt yourself - hello imposter syndrome! You feel overwhelmed most days BUT don't have the time to bring on a new team member. You're stressing out over all the little details to ensure your clients get the best experience. Your boundaries are foggy and you're experiencing the unpleasant sides of being an HSP. You want to reach that next level AND know to get there requires you to elevate your mindset & manage your emotions to reach your highest potential. 


Become a leader in your industry that drives positive change


Anyone can do anything - I wholeheartedly believe this to be true! Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was built on this notion and I use NLP techniques to uncover the root cause behind your limiting beliefs. I also work from the the Positive Intention Theory which postulates that behind every action is a positive intention. You don't do anything with a bad intention, your actions are purely meeting a need. It's my job to guide you into discovering alternative options to serve this need. Especially being a HSP it's essential we allow ourselves to feel self compassion, grace and kindness when breaking old patterns and establishing new sustainable & pleasurable habits that bring limitless success. 


Fearless Female. Mindset

Every action starts from a thought.

Fearless Female. is going to transform your world. Because when you elevate your mindset and perspective literally everything is possible. Like scale your business with ease and flow. Like choosing how you want to feel. Like work less hours & live more life. Like make the money you deserve. Like booking that international vacation you've been dreaming of. Like confidently saying NO to things that don't light you up. Like change not only your business but your whole dang life!


Fearless Female. Strategy

Without intentional strategy you have chaos.

Of course, you have a strategy that’s gotten you fully booked out but is it aligned with your natural, unique HSP gifts? Shifting your mindset to get the results you want starts with awareness and intentionality. When you have mindset awareness you can alter your actions and expand your success. Imagine having a pretty pink (insert color of choice) toolbelt on your hip full of neuroscience techniques, practical models, and effective mindset tools that you will implement into your life and business. Your successful, aligned and fearless mindset is the key to scaling with ease and confidence.

Fearless Female. Support

Who is helping you after you reached your goal??

Now imagine you have your biggest cheerleader rooting for you on the sideline. That not only guides you through NLP techniques to quickly get to the root cause but also supports your Highly Sensitive energy as you need. As a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Mindset Coach I'll bring you on a journey of self-discovery so you can unleash your inner confidence fearlessly. The support and accountability that you never knew you needed but will never want to be without.


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5 months of High-Touch support and premium access


3 x a month 1:1 coaching sessions with Jane (value €6,800)


Unlimited Voxer & email support between calls

(value €3,300)


Customised weekly action plans & exercises 

(value €2,200)


Access to 15 module workbooks

(value 1,700)


Access to flexible payment plan


I know intuitively and from past clients experiences that by the end of our 20 weeks together, you will have the tools to take back control of your emotions, choose how you want to feel, let go of perfectionism, confidently take steps to unapologetically set boundaries, embrace emotional indicators, protect & honour your energy, enjoy all the new opportunities ,reach your highest potential, & enjoy more pleasure, ease and flow in your business & life.

HSP Mindset Coach Jane Christine

"This experience was transformative. I now have a tool belt full of lessons to use for when I have fears or doubts come up. I feel challenged in the right direction. I feel challenged to show up as my best self, and to continually work on reframing my beliefs while being patient with myself. The best part is the continual reminder that I am so incredibly capable of, and worthy of, everything I desire. I have really become more aligned with my true goals. Jane keeps it real, and is amazing at being able to read moods even through a zoom call. It was so helpful to not only have someone knowledgeable in her field but also someone that truly felt like a friend looking out for me."

Haven, USA

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Meet other women who enhanced
their confidence, businesses & lives 

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Align Your Next Level Mission & Get Clarity.

We take your next level goals and discover what's the real inner motivation behind where your wanting to take your business next, why it's important to you and what lights up your soul. We get specific with what success you will manifest as you achieve your scaling milestones. You’ll begin to believe you deserve all the success and have all the time to play and enjoy your new freedom. The objective here is to discover your next level aligned mission because without your deep sense of purpose your intuition will get drowned out in moments of self-doubt - it happens to the best of us!

Identify Your Limiting Beliefs & Misconceptions.

We shine light onto your fears, doubts and inner negative voice to acknowledge and bring awareness to them. We explore the stories you are telling yourself about you, others and the world. We'll dive deep into where these stories came from, what past experiences created them, how they are impacting your life today. We unpack all the misconceptions about HSP and how they have limited you up until now. Unlocking your self-limiting beliefs and honouring your Highly Sensitive nature is the key to action.

Reframe Your Mindset & Boundaries.

Now we know the root cause of your self-limiting beliefs we can get to work with breaking the patterns and aligning your energy boundaries. We take a look at your life experiences and use NLP Techniques to reframe and elevate your mindset, and find evidence to dispel these beliefs, ensuring you feel safe every step of the way. We expand your comfort zone while dissolving destructive cycles. We challenge your inner stories and tap into your intuition to create positive, aligned, and productive truths that will truly transform your business and life as you scale.

Redefine & Rediscover Yourself.

This is where the magic happens! We take all the awareness you've uncovered, and we rewrite the script to your life. You rediscover your inner confidence, embody who you are becoming, redesign your life, what are your pleasurable routine and habits, who you surround yourself with, how you recharge without guilt, how you serve others, and how you show up authentically and aligned in your next level of business and life. Confidently owning your CEO role. We redefine the stories you tell yourself about you, others and your life. And rediscover the essence of YOU!

Develop Sustainable & Successful Habits.

Now we have a crystal clear knowing of where you want to go and who you are becoming to step into this elevation, we get into the strategic and practical aspect of implementing your new mindset. Ensuring you are honouring your energy indicators & only accepting things that light you up - it's a HELL YES or it's a hell no! We align your money mindset, so you are able to embrace more wealth, pleasure, next level dream clients, freedom, and limitless opportunities that are being pulled towards you. You'll not only confidently show up as your authentic self but you'll unleash the next elevation of the fearless female entrepreneur inside of you. Success on your terms!

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The Fearless Female. is not your average program...⁣ I know you've heard it all before but let me break it down why... 

I'm Highly Sensitive too. I see you, I feel you, I understand you and I'm invested in YOU & your success. I know what it feels like to think you're defeated by your emotions, to easily get overwhelmed and not know how to find that elusive balance everyone else seems to have.

Since 2012 I've been studying why we do what we do and the connection between our actions and thoughts, but I didn't stop there I went all in (as we do) and immersed myself in learning about Highly Sensitive People. My whole life I've been on a healing journey from childhood traumas but this is my unique gift, to share my expertise alongside my HSP nature to create a safe, warm, inspiring space for my clients to embrace their own unique gifts. 


We're talking about creating a business and lifestyle that is sustainable, pleasurable and successful!

The Fearless Female. is the perfect mix of inner work, mindset tools, customized support and celebrating the small wins along the way that you may have forgotten in the past, that's why my clients have amazing results.




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