About  me.

Dedicated to Unleashing Inner 


I left my career climbing the corporate ladder, travelled to 40+ countries in 6 years, and went through a complete transformation that gave me the confidence to not only design my dream life but to action it into existence.

I’m going to share with you all the wisdom, knowledge, and truths I discovered on my journey so you too can break-free from your fears and start growing your business to make the money you deserve.

Now I'm here to guide you into transforming your mindset so you can have

unlimited possibilities in alignment with your purpose. 

There are many reasons why you haven’t reached that next level in your business yet but with my proven transformation techniques accompanied by science and practical exercises, you will be opened to unlimited possibilities and will become determined to create and accomplish your dreams.

I’m going to help you overcome your fears

so you can have the business of your dreams

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I'm originally from Australia and grew up in the idyllic Sydney landscape. I had it all! Everything that society deems as success. The house, the car, the successful career climbing my way up the corporate ladder, managing multimillion dollar projects, and implementing my special brand of boldness in the boardroom.


I was decked out in heels and suits dealing with CEOs and Directors on an international platform, until I reached a life altering moment. I was lost, burnt out and didn't understand my purpose. I was caught up in a rat race that didn't satisfy me.


On the outside I was living the successful life, driven by status and societal standards. However, the inside story was hugely different, I was deeply unsatisfied and didn't feel my actions were aligning with my values. I wasn’t living my dream life, I felt like something was holding me back.

Do you feel like something is holding you back?

​​I found myself uncertain, scared and confused about my future. I wanted more than that - I just didn’t know how to overcome my fears so I could follow my dreams! I needed to create a mindset shift to break-free from my fear. I believed there had to be more to life than just working a 9-5 corporate job, sitting in an office under fluorescent lighting and counting down the minutes until the weekend, where I could really live my life. Where I could have freedom! I was determined to start living the life of my dreams so I started aligning my values with my actions, I worked through why I kept self-sabotaging and reframed my beliefs! So, with a fearless mindset I made the bold decision and sold everything I owned and packed my 25kg backpack for a nomadic lifestyle travelling around the world searching for answers and a place to call home, which I finally found many years later, on the Mediterranean Sea in stunning Spain. That search for my life's purpose took me to 40+ countries in 6 years. I always like to overachieve!

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My transformation began, from experiencing mediation in South-East Asia, riding a donkey through The Valley of the Kings in Egypt, skydiving over Vancouver Island in Canada, walking 865km from the south of France to the end of Spain on the El Camino De Santiago, to scuba diving off the coast of Italy and discovering the calmness under the sea. I stripped back everything I was taught and believed in. I was on a mission to find myself and align my true values. Throughout it all I had hope knowing I could overcome my self-limiting beliefs and start the business of my dreams - mindset coaching. I was determined to live the life I’ve always dreamt of – inspiring others to know they are worthy to reach their dreams too, with a little help from mindset reframing. I genuinely believe that everyone deserves the life of their dreams and to reach that next level of success you need to do the deep inner work by overcoming your fears, I’m here to guide you through your transformation.

It’s my purpose to guide you in 
overcoming your fears and rediscover your confidence within.


Through these experiences and dedication to my own personal growth, I found myself. I was experiencing all life had to offer on a grand scale. I embarked on finding my life’s purpose, what gives me energy, what I can give back to the world, and how I can use my knowledge and skills to assist other ambitious women in overcoming their fear so their can upscale their businesses and live their dream life. My own transformation guided me to become a certified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, specializing in confidence building through overcoming fear. I use my story, experiences within corporate business and wisdom to help female entrepreneurs build their dream business and make the money they are worthy of! My travels encouraged my quest to learn about the world around us and why we are stopped by fear and doubt – so I can now share the secrets to overcoming fear so it no longer holds you back!


Since 2012, I have been studying how fear impacts our lives, how our pasts shape us, the effects of societal standards, breaking free from self-limiting beliefs and the impact of values and altering mindsets. Combined with the techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming and through the power of reframing your mindset learn how to; stop self-sabotage, reframe your beliefs, overcome your imposter syndrome, become aware of your unconscious goals that are holding you back, align your values and feelings and stop over-thinking so you can transform your business and personal life.

Now I coach female entrepreneurs who want to upscale their businesses and make the money they deserve that's currently being held back by fear. I’m certified as a Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner and specialize in helping you overcome your fears so you can become the boss babe you know you are. I’m committed to the growth and evolution of my clients as I am here to encourage and help celebrate all the successes and wins along the way. Often wins aren’t acknowledged – I’m here to change all that!

My gift is helping you move through your inner challenges so

you can reach that next level in your business and

become a fearless female entrepreneur.

But be careful, you could become addicted to

feeling this fearless!

Through the use of my programs, courses, masterclasses and 1:1 sessions, I know you will upscale your business and make the money you deserve all while serving those who need your services. The power of the mind is incredible, and when we combined that power with neuroscience,  you will transform not only your business but your life.

I truly believe you can overcome your fears and have a massive positive impact on the world, to share your unique gifts.


Design your life, don't just live it!

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  • You know what you want you just need guidance getting there

  • You're ready to do the inner work

  • You want to positively impact the world

  • You are ready to break-free from self-limiting beliefs and unleash your inner confidence

  • You're open to change

  • You have a kind soul, a big heart and see the good in people

  • You want to learn how to transform your mindset to reach your desires and dreams

  • You speak your truth, are authentic, bubbly and have a little spunk 

  • You want to overcome self-sabotage

  • You want more out of life

  • You’d love to have freedom from fear and upscale your business

Is this you hun?