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I think we all have tasks we dislike, and we’d rather be doing something that we actually enjoy. And that makes sense. But is your procrastination hurting your business?

Do you keep putting off tasks for as long as possible?

Sign up and I'll share with you mindset hacks that will help you break free from your self-limiting beliefs, overcome procrastination, how to get clarity on your vision, commons mistakes you're making that's costing you time and energy, how to rediscover your confidence and make decisions that are right for you, the #1 way I personally design and strategically plan a new project/goal, also how to use the power of your feelings effectively and you'll learn neuroscience techniques I usually only teach and guide through with my 1:1 clients.


In these bi-weekly complimentary uplifting newsletters you will walk away with real-life practical tools you can start using immediately to transform your business and life with confidence. We all have fear and doubt that holds us back from living the life of our dreams, but remember there is never a perfect moment to start, you take the moment and make it perfect!

Are you ready to break free from your self-limiting beliefs, design the life of your dream and step into it feeling abundant?


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Bi-Weekly Complimentary 

Design Your Dream Life Newsletter

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  › You feel stuck and don’t know how or where to start.

  › You want to truly stop overthinking so you can make strong decisions.

 › You want to rediscover what confidence feels like.

› You feel like an imposter in your own field.

 › You want to be free from self-sabotage.

 › You want to redefine success in your business.


 › You want tangible techniques that will transform your life.


 › And you want a mindset coach to guide you through it all.


Hi, I'm Jane​​

I left my career climbing the corporate ladder, travelled to 40+ countries in 6 years, and went through a complete transformation that gave me the strategies to overcome fears, not only design my dream life but to action it into existence with confidence.

I’m going to share with you all the wisdom, knowledge, and truths I discovered on my journey so you too can break-free from self-limiting beliefs and create the successful business you’ve always wanted.

Now I'm here to help your

overcome your fears.

There are many reasons why you haven’t upscaled your business yet but with my proven transformation techniques accompanied by neuroscience and practical exercises, you will be opened to unlimited possibilities and will become determined to create and succeed in your dream business.

I’m going to help you unlock your potential.

Choose the right program for you

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Fearless Female. is my signature 3 month High-Touch program for you, the female entrepreneur, who can no longer keep putting off upscaling your business because of fear. Together within a few sessions, you will:

 › get to the root cause of what's holding you back

 reframe your beliefs

 find your WHY and get clarity

 › learn strategies so you can overcome your imposter syndrome 

 › break-free from your self-sabotage patterns

› stop overthinking and start implementing

dive into your unconscious goals

 develop and create new long-term habits


From neuroscience techniques to real-life practicalities, I have the tools and practices to help YOU overcome your fears and take that next step in your business.


1:1 INTENSIVE. is a compact offer to focus solely on your PROCRASTINATION that is holding you back in your business. Together within 90 mins, you will:

 › get to the root cause of what's holding you back

 › break-free from your self-sabotage pattern

align your business schedule

› dive into your business goals

 › create your next 3 months business plan

 › develop and create new positive habits


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Ready to unleash your confidence and take your business to a whole new level – knowing that you can have it all? Yes, you ought to believe that it’s all possible! The next step is to set up your discovery call. Based on our conversation, you will receive your best options to work with me.

Limited spaces available, so please be prepared to make a decision to

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Lucy, United Kingdom

Jane is an excellent coach. She has been instrumental in helping me overcome the things that were blocking me from creating my dream life. She is always so friendly and positive and seems to just understand exactly what you need. Her knowledge of NLP also sets her apart from others, highly recommended!

Lauren, England

Jane is absolutely exceptional at helping you uncover the truth behind your actions, she gets straight to the heart of the matter, and guides you on a journey of uncovering this. Her work is incredibly powerful and within minutes she had given me not just an answer to why I'd been struggling but also tangible choices for how I could shift this. If your mindset is getting in the way of your business, working with Jane will change your life.

Lamia, Morocco

Working with Jane has been amazing. She brings her listening and empathy, she asks questions that lead magically and exactly to where I want to be. I could explore, clarify and accomplish personal and professional goals, as well as set new challenging ones: overcoming limiting beliefs, marketing strategies, personal developments, implementing new habits. On a personal level, Jane brings her curiosity, humility and multicultural skills to each coaching session, turning it into a spontaneous conversation. I learned so much about myself. Thank you Jane!